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Merit CDS, Inc.
our professionally trained staff will assist you through the enrollment process of the Consumer Directed Services Program.

Merit CDS, Inc.


Consumer Directed Services

Merit CDS, inc. intends to be the provider of choice for Consumer Directed Services in the Missouri region. It is the goal of Merit CDS, Inc. to provide excellent service, in a manner mindful of the independence and self-determination of all clients.


Merit CDS, Inc. has contracted with Missouri's Department of Health & Senior Services to provide administrative supports that include monitoring and oversight of the Care Attendant, orientation and training of the Consumer and fiscal conduit services necessary for delivery of Consumer Directed Services to physically disabled persons.  Merit CDS, Inc. is recognized as a vendor of CDS and enrolled as an Organized (OHCDS) with the Department of Social Services (DSS), Division of Medical Services (DMS).


Merit CDS, Inc. will provide the Consumers and Attendants with all the necessary information and forms authorizing services; employment forms; timesheets; annual W-2 tax statements; instructions, along with technical payroll assistance.  It is the policy of Merit CDS, Inc. to provide all Consumer Participants with a copy of their State designed care plan which lists in detail the household tasks that the personal Care Attendant is approved to perform. Merit CDS, Inc. will review each care plan with Consumers before service delivery to set correct service delivery expectations.​


Nursing Visits

If Medication Reminders are a necessary part of your daily living, nursing visits can be requested through our service partner, Merit Home Health Care.  Merit Home Health Care has provided quality service throughout the Greater St. Louis area for over 12 years.  All nurses are properly licensed, insured and bonded for your safety and peace of mind.  Let us know if you need this service.


Specialist Services

It is the role of Merit CDS, Inc. to assist their Consumers in identifying immediate and long-term care needs, developing options to meet those needs and accessing identified supports and services.  We will assist in the acquisition of necessary supportive technology services and/or devices. This would include advocating for the Participant by arranging for services with individuals, businesses and agencies for the best available service within our area.  Let us know if you feel you have specialized needs that are not currently addressed.

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